Bill Nye explains the importance of masks in his latest science experiment

Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) recommending the use of a face masks to curb the spread of COVID-19, many across the globe refuse to wear them. In an attempt to convince people of the importance of masks and how effective wearing one is, Bill Nye, an American science communicator and television presenter, has come up with a science experiment.

In a video, originally posted on TikTok, Nye explains how a mask stops airflow by using a scarf and two types of masks.

The video starts with Nye explaining how the virus spreads through water droplets. The 64-year-old then tries to blow out a candle, with his mouth covered by a few different materials.

The first material he uses is a woollen scarf, that he says “won awards in the Washington State Fair for both design and workmanship”. However, as the scarf only blocks the movement of air to an extent, the flame goes off effortlessly.

He then tests a homemade two-layered cloth mask, which, despite several attempts, fails to blow out the candle. An N-95 mask further shows similar effects. “If you’re wearing one of these, you’re protecting yourself and those around you,” Nye says.

Watch the video here:

Nye concludes the video by saying that wearing masks can protect people and those around them, especially those in the high-risk category like himself.

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Currently, over 12 million people have been infected by COVID-19. The United States continues to be the worst affected followed by Brazil, India, Russia and Peru.

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