February 22, 2020

Design a Logo Tutorial: 5 Tips for Beginners

Take a second and think of a company. Any company! What comes to mind first?

If you’re like most
people, you’re imagining the log of the company you picked. People are really
good at identifying visuals, and logos really stick in the mind. If you’re
curious, the companies with the most recognizable logos are Nike, Apple,
and McDonald’s, according to a survey of 3,000 people.

Like these companies,
you’re going to need an awesome logo if you’re establishing a brand. That’s why
we’re here to give you a little logo tutorial to make sure your design is

1. Know What You Want

The first step to
determining what your logo should look like is to decide what you want it to
convey. What kind of company are you? How do you want to brand and make people
think of you?

What kinds of images
stick best in your mind? Chances are, others will enjoy similar visuals. Before
you begin designing a logo, think about how you want to brand and how it will
portray your business image.

2. Keep It Simple

One of the best things
you can do when branding is to keep your logo simple. If you make it too
complicated and try to convey too much information, you’re not going to stick
in people’s memory.

This isn’t to say that
you need to have a purely minimalist design. There are a ton of ways that you can create simple logos, and
you can use an infinite number of expressive styles!

3. Download Great Software

In order to make a
logo, you’ll need software to make it on. After all, you aren’t just going to
pull a thumbnail out of thin air.

Adobe has a
great logo creator that can perform a lot of different functions. It’s very
user-friendly and easy to figure out, so why wait? Head off and download it
before continuing!

4. Decide on a Color Scheme

You want your logo to
look great, so it’s important to decide on a good color scheme. Using clashing
colors could really hurt the eyes of possible customers, which will make them
not want to buy your product.

Using only one color
could work out well- just look at Apple’s colors!- but it could also make your
brand look boring if your symbol isn’t up to par. Think about your color scheme
and make sure everything matches when you set to work.

5. Make It Represent You!

Ultimately, the most
important thing is that your logo represents the name and vision of your
company. It’s going to stick in people’s minds and be the image that people
think you’re all about.

Select all symbols and
fonts with care. This is your brand- make it amazing!

Logo Tutorial

Creating a logo can be
a challenge, but it’s essential to branding your business. Plus, it’s a lot of

Now that you’ve read
this logo tutorial, check out the ‘guides’ tab on our page for more information
on how to use technology to build your brand.

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